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Ever wonder about how people in the past thought about sex? What was allowed and what wasn't? Or, how people throughout history went about courting or even capturing their partners? If such curiosities interest you, you've come to the right website.

Since early history, societies have regulated sex. Select rules and customs played a part in the basics of social conformity, a part as big as religion, diet and military service. Today, most of those rules have vanished in Western society.

Wonder how that happened? We've wondered about it, and researched it, and we've been making a web series about it. 'Sex . . . A History' shows how sex went from unmentionable to unavoidable.

We uncover rituals from the past and show how things changed. And generally, this is what we continue to find: No matter the rules or the time period, once we're in the bedroom, we've been doing it the same way for a long long long long time.

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