About Sex . . . A History

The History of Sex in a Web Series

Sex . . . A History delves into the history of sex to show that though laws, attitudes and emphasizes change, once we're in the bedroom, we've been doing it the same way for a long long long long time.

We produce weekly 'Sex . . . A History' videos available on our Roku channel. We also rotate select 'sexploitation' films that aren't available anywhere else. So if insightful and humorous videos on the history of sex aren't your thing, but sexy films are, you get to travel down some of the weirder byways of naked film history if you download Sex . . . A History's Roku Channel.

You can keep up with us on Google+ and Twitter where we announce new 'Sex . . . A History' episodes and old movies we're streaming on Roku. On our social media, you'll also find us posting images from our collective sexual past. More imaginative images can be found by registering here and exploring our gallery.

Register or login here to access preview episodes on our website, and we have a growing gallery of images. Soon, we will launch live streaming events here on our website, complete with chat and Skype call ins.

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